Gravity – a 3D experience!!!

It has always been a dream come true moment to imagine myself floating in space and to experience the zero gravity 3 hundred miles above the blue planet. Gravity made me go close to that moment and come back safe. Staring a matured star cast with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as the leads and Ed Harris at command center down in Houston( he has become that default face for me to think as that guy at Houston who talks on the microphone since the days of Apollo 13.”Houstan we got a problem”). A movie shot in the background of total emptiness is completely packed up with a thriller script.



    Directed by       Alfonso Cuarón
    Produced by     Alfonso Cuarón
                          David Heyman
   Starring            Sandra Bullock
                          George Clooney

Music by           Steven Price

Running time    90 minutes

Language           English


Even though your home is right in front of you going there will be one hell of a journey. The visual effects and cinematography is above par from the regular 3D movies, the usage of 3D is brilliant at times especially during the second half of the movie , you will definitely get lost in to the void if you start concentrating too much at times.

Gravity stands very strong in terms of acting , Sandra Bullock once again is back with a worthy academy nominating role for portraying the role of Dr. Rick Stone, an astronaut. Portraying that courage and that willingness unto the end, and George Clooney filling that emptiness in between the sequences.

The director Alfonso Cuarón  has made a wonderful attempt in taking the audience into the terrestrial and bringing them back to their seats with an experience that they would cherish for a long time to come, the usage of space in the movie adds up to that extra dimension content seen more in the movie. You will actually feel like flying once you take those 3D glasses off. Gravity holds you strong until the end, watch the movie in 3D to get that wonderful experience and to have that “zero gravity”  experience after you walk out.

Gravity – 3.5/5


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